Wallenberg Syndrome, also known as Lateral Medullary Syndrome, is a type of stroke affecting the brain stem with which I have unfortunately become intimately familiar. Recovery is ongoing but the future is bright and promising. I was only 29 years old.

Wallenberg: Lateral Medullary Syndrome

Wallenberg Syndrome (more on Wikipedia) is a type of stroke afflicting the brain stem. It can leave its victims crippled, but can also be survived. I know from personal experience the frustration of a Wallenberg Syndrome stroke.

Wallenberg means keeping your mind but losing your body. Wallenberg means losing pain and temperature. Wallenberg means losing the ability to swallow. Wallenberg means losing the ability to speak.

Wallenberg means that there is hope for recovery.

More Fallout from the Hiccups

In the pst 30 days I have been in the hospital twice, with anemia, and requiring blood transfusions.  Why?  Because I have a terrible case of esophagitus, which is leaking blood into my GI system.  The esophagitus started way back in early December while I was still hospitalized for the stroke itself.  The cause? Hiccups.

Anyway, I’ve had three blood transfusions of 2 bags of blood each since my stroke two months ago.  As if the sensory and motor issues weren’t enough, I get to deal with being hospitalized for anemia, twice.

Ten days of hiccups.

The Medication List

Since having my stroke, my list of medications has gotten a little bit crazy. I already took some psychiatric medications and a blood pressure medicine, but now I find myself needing to buy a new pill container.


  • Lamictal
  • Welbutrin
  • Dexedrine
  • Adderall
  • Abilify
  • Lithium

Blood Pressure

  • Diovan


  • Aggrenox

Esophagitus, secondary to 10 days of hiccupping from Wallenberg

  • Protonix
  • Carafate
  • Zantac
  • Vitron-C

It’s both metaphorically and literally a mouthful. Those are just the every-day ones, and don’t include those taken as needed.

Walking and Talking

So, lots of progress since my last post. I can hold a conversation now! Still need speech therapy because my voice is pretty freakin’ croaky after just a half hour of talking, but it’s getting there.

Also, I am walking around! Inside, on a flat surface with reliable traction, I don’t even need a cane. I always use the cane outside, but I can imagine that even that will be unnecessary soon. This is mostly thanks to the cruel and unusual punishment also known as physical therapy.


Finally Got the Prism Glasses

I got my new prism glasses yesterday. They’re awesome. Kind of thick and prismy, but whatever. I can see in stereo, and unlike with the fresnel lens, I can see easily. This is far more fantastic than the fresnel lenses.

Anyway, I like them.

Back in the Hospital

Sadly, I am back in the hospital, and yes, it is related to the stroke. On Monday evening (technically very early Tuesday morning) I suffered an attack of vertigo stronger than any I have yet experienced. I fell down, but caught myself on the bed. I managed to hold onto the bed while the world turned sideways.

So, now I’m in the hospital. It seems I was pretty anemic, and have had two units of blood transfused. My doctors think there were no new strokes, just the old one acting up. That’s kind of scary in itself; that the old stroke could cause this kind of disturbance a month and a half later really sucks.

Oh well. Right now my biggest problem is boredom. I want to be home.